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After the state senate passed, Ohio House Bill 274, and changed Ohio Revise Code 4513.601, effective 7/1/15, we will no longer be doing any private property towing. Sorry for this inconvenience, but the State of Ohio has made this process more difficult for towing firms to dispose of unclaimed vehicles within the state of Ohio, and leaving a lot of unanswered questions as to the proper procedures and protocols between the State, the Ohio B.M.V., and the county clerk of court. Under this new law, we now have to pay an outside company to conduct a vehicle title search in order to obtain the owners registration information, just so we can send out a registered letter within a few days of towing the abandoned vehicle as set forth in this new law. After sending several registered letters, and if the vehicle still isn't claimed, we then must pay our local county's clerk of court the total value of said vehicle, for deposit into the county's general fund, just to claim title to the abandoned vehicle. At this point we can then take the abandoned junk vehicle to the scrap yard, and obtain only scrap weight for it. So the bottom line is we loose money to provide free private property towing services to the community. That being said, you will find many towing firms in Ohio have done the same as us, and has stopped taking private property towing off business/commercial and multi-family properties. 

For those whom own a private single family residential property, under O.R.C. 4513.60, anyone who has an un-permitted vehicle on private residential property, that has less then three separate households on one property, are now allowed to call the local police or sheriff's department and have that department remove the vehicle after 4 hours has passed, as defined by Ohio law. Which also means no signs are required for this to happen under this particular law. But remember this does not pertain to properties that have more then three separate households on a single property nor does it pertain to business/commercial properties. 

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